Yoga + Color + Texture

Yoga + Color + Texture that's what we love most! Our stickers are for new yogis, old yogis, sweaty yogis, sleepy yogis and anyone else who loves to get their down dog on!

Our anti-microbial yoga mat stickers are raised just a teeny bit off your mat. Extra texture to grip, activate your muscles, and rebound into the fullest expression of your wild thing pose, you wild thing! Place them to mark the spot for a perfect hand & foot distance for your down dog, warrior and yes... crow pose!

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A Note About Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are made with a wide variety of materials and their surfaces react in different ways. Prepping the mat with salt makes the stickers stay much longer, but may damage some mats. Sticking them directly on, without prep, allows you to change the look more often. More advice here.