What’s a yoga mat sticker?

A colorful silicone sticker that goes on the top & bottom of your yoga mat, for added texture and guides for alignment.


Where do you put yoga mat stickers?

The top and bottom of your mat, where your feet and hands go. Your teacher can help you mark placement for your perfect down dog, or any spot you want more texture.


What are they made of?

Silicone! Naturally anti-microbial and recyclable.


How do you treat your mat?

Wash with dish soap, rub with salt to break up dirt and oil, let dry and place stickers. The stickers can then stay for months.


How do you remove the yoga mat stickers?

Do this carefully! Go slow, lifting carefully at the edges and moving inward. If your mat is made of rubber, nail polish remover will protect the mat in the removal process. Adhesive removal like Goo-Gone or citrus essential oil is better for PVC foam mats. 


Can I control the stickiness level?

You sure can! Yoga mats are made with a wide variety of materials and their surfaces react in different ways. Prepping the mat with salt makes the stickers stay much longer, but may damage some mats. Sticking them directly on, without prep, allows you to change the look more often.


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