Stick It On!



Step One

Make a plan and map out where you want your stickers to go. Don’t remove the protective backing on the stickers just yet. Simply lay them out where you’d like them to go. We love to place them where our hands and feet usually go.


Step Two

Prep your mat! Clean your mat with a gentle mat cleaner or a little dish soap. Then, rub salt on your mat and wipe away gently with water. This helps break up any excess oil or manufacturing treatment lingering on the surface of your mat.


Step Three

Peel off the protective backing on the sticker grips and press them firmly onto your yoga mat anywhere you want a little extra grip.



Do this carefully! Go slow, lifting carefully at the edges and moving inward. If your mat is made of rubber, nail polish remover will protect the mat in the removal process. Adhesive removal like Goo-Gone or citrus essential oil is better for PVC foam mats.